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The Law Office of Samuel A. Rodabough PLLC is a law firm based in Bellevue, Washington that offers a full range of litigation, transactional, administrative/regulatory, and consulting services related to the use and enjoyment of real property.  The firm emphasizes real estate law, land use law, property law, environmental law, and civil litigation and provides legal representation throughout Washington State for clients of all sizes.  The firm's practice areas listed below are not exhaustive.

Real Estate

  • Easements

  • Covenants, conditions, & restrictions (CC&Rs)

  • Boundary disputes/property line disputes

  • Boundary line adjustments

  • Adverse possession/prescriptive easements

  • Code enforcement defense (stop work orders, notices of violation, compliance orders, etc.)

  • Permit fees/impacts fees

  • Homeowners associations/condominium associations

  • Condominium declarations and bylaws

  • Payback agreements/developer extension agreements

  • Purchase and sale agreements

  • Title research, due diligence and acquisitions

Environmental Law

  • Critical areas/sensitive areas

  • Wetlands and regulatory compliance/defense

  • Endangered Species Act compliance

  • Environmental compliance - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) compliance and defense

  • Clean Water Act compliance, permitting, and defense

  • Forest practices

  • Environmental mitigation

  • Natural resources

  • Agriculture

Land Use & Zoning

  • Variances

  • Conditional use permits/special use permits

  • Reasonable use exceptions

  • Administrative appeals under Land Use Petition Act (LUPA)

  • Regulatory compliance, permitting, defense and/or appeals related to:

    • Growth Management Act (GMA),

    • Shoreline Management Act (SMA), shoreline master programs

    • Comprehensive plans

    • Critical areas/sensitive ordinances

  • Development Agreements

  • Local, state, and federal legislative and rulemaking processes

  • Zoning

  • Shoreline permitting, including docks, shoreline armoring (bulkheads, revetments), single-family residences, etc.

  • Permitting, including local, state and federal permitting, environmental review, and strategic planning

Civil Litigation & Appeals

  • Real estate/real property litigation

  • Administrative hearings and judicial litigation

  • Damage claims

  • Property rights and takings

  • Condemnation/eminent domain defense

  • Takings claims/inverse condemnation

  • Property damage, nuisance, timber trespass

  • Illegal or excessive permit fees and taxes

  • Public Records Act, Freedom of Information Act

  • Trials

  • Appeals

  • Title insurance claims


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